Friday 7 June 2013

Law - New Waves

With some murky electronics, handclap style beats and a voice that sounds like a drugged up Nina Simone or Laura Mvula rocking your earlobes, you are entering the intriguing musical world of Edinburgh based artist Law, real name Lauren Holt.

Law blew up on a number of blogs back in April but we’ve taken a little longer by new music blogger standards to get round to posting about her. It was of course inevitable that Law would eventually make these pages though, because she’s Scottish, she’s making sounds with laptops and most importantly she has a name beginning with L. These are all things that we love and although music is never just a box ticking exercise (emotional connection doesn’t work as simply as that and music is all about connecting with people), hitting a few of the right spots straight away can certainly help. Law now joins the Breaking More Waves L-club that includes Lana Del Rey, Laura Marling, Laura Mvula, Lorde, Lucy Rose, Laurel and even one of our favourite bands of the year Chvrches (OK, not technically an L but they are the masters of bad spelling and they do have a lead singer who is also a Lauren).

Currently there’s just the one song by Law (Hustle) on line, which has hooked us in with its clattering rhythm and unique almost unintelligible vocal, accompanied by a rather odd looking, grainy VHS style video which streams below. If you want to hear more, for the moment you’ll have to catch her live. She’s just starting to play a few shows, and whilst she doesn’t appear to have a Facebook account or website with much information you can connect with her via Twitter.

Law - Hustle

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