Monday 1 April 2013

An Important Announcement About Breaking More Waves

Every blog has to evolve to survive and remain relevant. So today we’re announcing some changes to Breaking More Waves that will push us into a new frontier of blogging. We’re confident that today will be an important marker in our history and quite possibly of amateur on line web publication itself.

Anyone who has read more than a couple of posts on this blog probably won’t have failed to have noticed that we’re big on sex and food analogies in relation to music. In the past visitors and friends have even commented that we should just get it out of our system and start up blogs on these two subjects.

We’ve been thinking about this for some time and today can fully reveal our plans.

We will remain (partly) a music blog but will be turning our thoughts to our other two favourite subjects on particular days of the week.

The new format of Breaking More Waves will be as follows:

Monday will be Music Monday and will continue to focus on new music, new artists and discussions around everything tuneful. Essentially there will be no change here.

Tuesday will be known as Tasty Tuesday. We’ll be live streaming action of us cooking and eating our breakfast, lunch and evening meal for you to watch and enjoy. Of course everything we stream will have a hidden status subtext. For example when our girlfriend cooks us a meal, the hidden message in broadcasting this to the web is "hey look, we’re not single, the girlfriend looks after us and it’s desperately important for you all to know that.” When we’re out at a flash restaurant our live stream will make it 100% clear that we’re loaded enough to afford it or that (even better) our friends are paying because we’re so bloody popular.

Wednesday will be a special day for the oversexed, single and lonely people out there. It will be called W*nk Wednesday and we’ll be providing links to readers recommended adult websites for your viewing (and whatever else you do) pleasure.

Thursday will be our day off from the blog. We will probably need it after W*nk Wednesday, but also because we couldn’t think of a suitable piece of alliteration to go with Thursday and either music, food or sex.

Friday will be Foody Friday, our second day of delicious content for you to eat up. On this day we’ll have exclusive never seen before pictures of hipsters taking photos of their meals. Like this.

Weekends will be all about love, baby.

Sexy Saturdays and Saucy Sunday’s will be dedicated to posts about sex and shagging. Expect erotic fiction, saucy pictures and occasional ‘educational’ live streams. We’re still looking for volunteers for these live streams, but irrespective of if you are single or a couple if you would like to participate in this element of the blog, please get in contact via Twitter, email or leave a comment below. Threesomes are also welcome, we’re very inclusive. Obviously we won’t be able to pay you anything but you will (quite literally) get plenty of exposure worldwide.

And that’s it. We hope you agree that it’s a great way to start April. It’s why this day seemed appropriate to make this announcement.

To finish off, as it's Monday, here's some music. We Are The Wild Ones by Nina is one of those pulsing synth pop beauties that we're huge fans of at Breaking More Waves.  

Viva food, sex and music. The best three things in life. We're going to blog them all.

Nina - We Are The Wild Ones


Scryst said...

Ha ha ha ha.


Happy April Fools Day

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

For a SPLIT second you had me there... Phew.

Rain said...

Being Breaking More Waves I could actually believe it.