Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Colourist - New Waves

Look. For a moment let’s forget about w*nking over our favourite Radiohead b-sides and just accept the fact that sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a group making music that’s chirpily sweet, has happy as heaven melodies and is throwaway radio friendly as it’s possible to be. The Colourist is such a band. They’re pleasurable on the ears and you can dance to them as well. If you can’t deal with that then we suggest you climb back up your anal passage and wallow there on your own.

Consisting of Adam Castilla, Maya Tuttle, Justin Wagner and Kollin Johannsen out of Orange County, California, The Colourist have just two songs on Soundcloud, although they put out some others (Yes Yes and Oh Goodbye) that have now been taken down. The song that’s grabbed us hook line and sinker is called Little Games. With its choppy guitars and boy girl harmonies it’s just screaming to soundtrack to smiling faces, couples kissing, summertime and running off down to the beach feeling great about life. We could also envisage this song soundtracking an advert and we don't mean that in any negative way, it's just one of those songs. Do you really need to know any more than that? The Colourist seems a perfect name – they’re painting musical rainbows. 

The Colourist - Little Games

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