Thursday, 21 March 2013

A Quite Exciting Thing From Curxes

Now here’s something exciting.

That is if you find the thought of spooky taxidermy collections a bit of a turn on.

Which we’ll be honest, we don’t. That would make us a bit weird. But then ‘Igor’ has no such qualms. Read his story here.

We’re not sure about the wallpaper in the video either, but thankfully it seems that there’s no Igor equivalent on the internet when it comes to appreciating those distinctive brown patterns.

No, the reason we’re excited is because it seems that after laying low for a while Curxes (who according to BBC6 Music and Hype Machine were one of the 15 most blogged bands by UK bloggers last year) are about to release new material. The song is called Further Still. We’ve been lucky enough to hear it already. It’s bloody marvellous. We think it’s going to surprise a few people. Think Yeah Yeah Yeahs meets Bat For Lashes. Those expecting another clanking piece of industrial aggression will have to rethink their take on the band. Keep an eye and ear out on the internet around March 25th, with full visual accompaniment that includes scalpels and squirrels following shortly after.

Curxes - Further Still (Preview)


Anonymous said...

Is this music part of the song ? Sound ghostly.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

No it's not ;)

Watch out for xylophones!