Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Casual Sex - New Waves

If you follow us on twitter you’ll know that during the last few days we took a little journey to Scotland to listen and watch some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G pop music. Today we continue the theme of Scotland and pop, but this isn’t pop in the way Girls Aloud are pop, nor is it pop music in the way that Popjustice suggests that there is a certain sort of Pop Music For People That Don’t Like Pop Music which is basically pop  that is initially marketed through the likes of Pitchfork, cool blogs and evening shows on BBC Radio 1 etc to gain credibility before it reaches out to the mainstream and all the cool blogs then move on to pastures new muttering ‘sell out’ / ‘not as good as the early stuff’ under their breath. No, this is Pop Music That People Who Like The First Two Types Of Pop Music Won’t Like. I guess if we were being a bit lazy we could just call it indie pop but then when the likes of Scouting For Girls get described as ‘indie-pop’ that term has become redundant and meaningless anyway.

So let us introduce you to Casual Sex. No, not like that. Keep your clothes on. Let's get to know each other a bit first. They’re a band. They make pop music. But it’s not the type of pop music that is likely to make bloggers get cross about ‘major label intervention’ or ‘writing commercial crap’, because that's unlikely to happen. It sounds in places like Edwyn Collins / Orange Juice / early Pulp and even a bit of Franz / Bowie boffing The Clash. Those who have grown up on just a diet of pop like Katy Perry and Britney will say that it isn't pop at all. These are good things. Casual Sex make music that you can shuffle disco dance around your bedroom to and pretend it’s 1981.

Pop music for the most part is a bit like Casual Sex – joyously exhilarating but not likely to be with the same partner for the long term. And that’s fine. Want to enjoy some with us?

Casual Sex - Stroh 80

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