Thursday 15 November 2012

Ones to Watch 2013 - #8 Avec Sans

Whilst Breaking More Waves likes to cover any sort of music that pumps our heart, we have a natural leaning to saucy synths and female vocals. We made a statement of taste and intent in our very first Ones to Watch list back in 2008 by putting two exciting electronic ladies (La Roux and Little Boots) as our number 1 and 2 choices on the list and our love of all things synthtopic and feminine continues to this day. It’s why we’ve placed Chvrches at the top of the 2013 pile of hopefuls and have at least one more (slightly darker sounding) female voiced electronic based act still to come, but today we’re adding the mysterious Alice Fox and Jack St James aka Avec Sans.

This electronic pop duo announced their presence to the world earlier this year with the Hype Machine conquering Perth and followed it up with their own stab of glossy and pulsing synth-art called Heartbreak Hi. Avec Sans are very much a modern pop band. They make music from computers, in studios, attempting to build interest using the internet rather than schlepping around grotty toilet venues playing to six people, four of whom are the other band playing that night. Maybe Avec Sans aren’t real people at all? Maybe they’re music robots, programmed with warmth and sensuality, the euphoria button switched to max, rather than built with hearts of steel and circuitry.

Whilst the band is currently unsigned, we understand there’s nearly an albums worth of material ready to go. They have to be one to watch, if only to see if the robots turn into humans, if they indulge in the gang grab of a record label scrum or decide to go solo, and to see if eventually they decide that irrespective of if there are only six people in that stinking piss-hole of a pub or not they’re going to give it a shot and play live. Their latest song The Answer streams below. Wait for the chorus. It's a big moment of power-blast synths. The moment where Avec Sans turn the thrust on their jet packs to max and lift off into space.

Avec Sans - The Answer

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