Monday 19 November 2012

Ones to Watch 2013 - #12 The Night

I’d rather jack than Fleetwood Mac the Reynolds Girls once sang. They of course were wrong.

We’ve already referenced Fleetwood Mac once in our Ones to Watch 2013 series (have a look at our post on Haim if you missed it) and now we’re doing it again. This time it’s for The Night, a UK band that once again have already featured on the blog, this time back in August. They may not have the hip trendy r ‘n’ b influences of Haim but still possess the songwriting craft and style that the Mac had.

Fronted by one Sophie Rose Harper who you may recall from the song Take Me Where The Roses Grow by The Mystery Jets (who the band have also recently been out on tour with) or a blog post we wrote back in 2010, The Night create sophisticated, dare we say it, adult pop / rock music. It’s unlikely to find itself nestling on the playlists of the likes of Radio 1 or youth market pop stations but following the success of an artist like Lissie a few years back we could easily imagine their songs coasting across the airwaves on BBC 6 Music or Radio 2.

The Night is a 6 piece consisting of three members of each sex. Following the lead from Florence & The Machine and Active Child, you will find that amongst their number is a harp player, which we guess is why the band reference their sound as ‘baroque pop’, it’s certainly an instrument that lends itself to tension and grandeur which baroque is partially defined by. 

The Night - Islander

The Night - Turn Your Light On Me (Demo)

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