Wednesday 7 March 2012

Meg Myers - Curbstomp

Having raised interest on the blog last month with her ear-grabbing mix of dark pop and rock thrills we’re pleased today to once again feature Meg Myers and a new song called Curbstomp. It features on her free to download EP Daughter In The Choir. The EP contains the songs Meg has previously uploaded to the internet plus this new one, Tennessee (featuring Doctor Rosen) and a Semothy Jones remix of Monster which takes the song to even darker depths.

Curbstomp takes the thunderous sounds of 90’s American radio friendly rock, referencing the likes of Evanescence or Alanis Morissette and brings it firmly up to date. It’s angsty low self-opinion stuff with Myers cooing that she’s a sinner, a liar, a victim and a coward over pulsing synth sounds before exchanging the innocence of being ‘a daughter in a choir’ to being ‘ready for a bad girl’. It’s just a little bit emo, but that’s to be expected from a girl who in a recent interview with Absolute Punk stated one of her plans for the year was to ‘beat depression’. Don’t let the word emo put you off though – Meg Myers packs weight with her songs and you’d be a fool not to give them a listen.

You can download the whole 7 track EP for free from this link here or if you just want Curbstomp from the Soundcloud player below.

Meg Myers - Curbstomp

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