Monday 20 February 2012

Meg Myers - New Waves

Today we introduce Los Angeles dwelling Meg Myers. She’s a bit emo, a bit rock, a bit pop, a bit raw, a bit edgy and pretty damn passionate. Oh, and she’s a bit good as well. Anything we tag as ‘a bit emo’ we normally steer clear well clear of, but there’s something about Meg Myers that we really like.

We can imagine every single one of Meg’s songs that we’ve heard (there’s four of them on Soundcloud available for free download right now) sitting very comfortably on a soundtrack to the latest teen Vampire flick. Her song Monster is the perfect example. "I got to know I’m the only one for you, what have I become, I’m a fucking monster, when all I wanted was something beautiful," she sings perfectly capturing that mixture of darkness, romance and inner turmoil that is essential to such films and their audience. Teenage love / lust can also be a pretty obsessive thing and Myers certainly sounds like some sort of stalker on the brooding After You "I'm falling in deep, do you know my love is after you." Then there's this short video she shot where she get's the knives out for love. If a woman did this whilst you were in the room, you'd probably feel a little uncomfortable, irrespective of if she means it or is just playing at being a bit kooky-mental.

At different points of listening to Myers we’re reminded of Courtney Love, Avril Lavigne, The Cranberries, Paramore, Sinead O’Connor, PJ Harvey and for just a fleeting second Suzi Quatro. There's some yelping, some rocking, some ghostly cello (on Monster), some Kate Bush piano (on Adelaide) and plenty of moonlit angst for us to enjoy in an ominous way throughout these songs.

We imagine that probably Meg doesn’t flounce round in short skirts and doesn’t care for fake tan, especially as there's videos of her on You Tube playing with toy soldiers, creating battles between spiders and helicopters and with an animated Barbie in a wheelchair. What we do know is that even although emo-pop isn’t the type of sound we’d usually cover on Breaking More Waves, Meg Myers is doing it very well to the point where not posting about it is not an option. We’re not sure who first stated that there were only two types of music, good music and bad music; but whoever it was, we’re putting this very much in the good box.

Meg Myers - Adelaide

Meg Myers - Poison

Meg Myers - After You

Meg Myers - Monster (Video)

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