Thursday, 29 March 2012

Lisa Mitchell - Spiritus

This is the new single by Australian chanteuse Lisa Mitchell. It’s called Spiritus and was inspired by yoghurt, sorry we mean yoga, but to be honest it could be inspired by anything because we haven’t got the foggiest idea what she’s singing about. Yet whatever it is she’s trying to communicate and we’re failing to hear, Lisa’s mellifluous tones and music sound positively lovely. Remember that Diana Vickers song where it needed a very special translation of the lyrics (here)? Spiritus gets close to that in terms of hard to understand words. But here’s a question; how many songs are there that you actually listen to every word? Certainly we notice on most music blogs the authors very rarely talk about the lyrics or the meaning of the song but can use an inordinate amount of wordage describing what it sounds like.

So what we’re going to tell you instead is how this song makes us feel, because as far as we’re concerned that’s the important bit.

Spiritus elicits the sensation of positivity. It's the kind of song to play on a cloudy rain coated dreary day of nothingness in order to raise the soul. We think Lisa sings "young one, there's a big sun and my love my love my love shines on," which if we've got that right makes absolute sense. Spiritus means breath in Latin and certainly the song has a lightness of touch - the warm melody, the gentle clatter of drums and repetitive keys deftly skip their way into the ears inducing good-vibe brain chemicals. Spiritus carries the troubles of the day away in a simple pop song - even if she's singing about Belgian shepherd dogs or pizza.

Lisa Mitchell - Spiritus

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