Wednesday 8 February 2012

Matt Corby - New Waves

Amongst the never ending stream of new (or newish) acts that pass through the Breaking More Waves filter there’s one that has stuck firmly without ever getting washed away over the last few months. That singer is Matt Corby. Don’t get confused and muddle him up with Matt Cardle, (that would be really sinful) even although both acts started out on a TV talent show. But as we said with the equally talented (although very different) Pepper and the 'actually that album was quite good wasn't it' new pop queen Nicola Roberts recently, don’t be put off just because someone has taken their chance via the TV route. A great performer and good songs are just that, irrespective of where the artist has come from.

This young Australian is raw talent. He sings with a voice that is equal parts bluesy and soulful, fire coated with a warm folkish tinge. If you’re the kind of person who has the likes of Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons and Jeff Buckley in your record collection then the chances are you’re going to like Matt Corby. No, scrap that, you’re going to love Matt Corby. A lot.

From the inauspicious TV beginnings (he was runner up on Australian Idol in 2007) Corby independently released his own EP before hooking up with Communion records. Further EP’s and live shows have followed with audiences being won over with ease. He’s also taken the unusual step of playing a series of gigs in people’s gardens in Australia. These communal shows have brought audiences together with a sense of intimacy that simply isn’t possible in a normal concert venue space.

Corby possesses rugged boyish good looks in abundance, which no doubt will endear him to many girls who set eyes on him, but there’s far more to the man than just a pretty face. Shut your eyes, listen to the music and prepare to be bowled over. Australia’s got talent.

Matt Corby - Brother

Matt Corby - My False

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm diggin this Australian talent for sure. I'm gonna go check out more of this guy right now. Great find!