Wednesday 8 September 2010

Spark - Damage Done - Mahogany Session

You know that moment when two lovers stand in front of each other for the first time ? They understand what’s about to happen. They can sense the electricity in the air. Before they may have seen a hint of each other, of what is promised - moments of exposed flesh perhaps. But tonight everything will be revealed.

Anticipation is sometimes as exciting as the eventual unclothing.

There’s a sense of that moment arriving for Spark, metaphorically speaking anyway. The hints have been the debut single Shut Out The Moon and her live shows supporting Marina and the Diamonds. Now with a record deal in place there’s that sense of anticipation. There will come the time when the disclosure will occur and in a blur of instrumentation and vocals Spark will consumate her relationship with music and the public. We’re not quite at that moment yet. The lovers are still guarded. But here comes some more. Recorded for the Mahogany blog, here is Spark singing Damage Done where her beautiful sweet and slightly soulful voice drips with honey against a simple synth backdrop. It will possibly make you go a little doe eyed. There’s also a piano version of Shut Out The Moon which you can access here .

If you're going to Bestival this weekend you can catch Spark playing a set in the Bimble Inn stage on Saturday. See you down the front.

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