Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mopp - Dream About You (Dems Remix)

Today we’re joining musical dots and creating a trilogy of posts. The first was earlier this month when we featured Mopp and the bliss-ride of his balearic electronic hymn Dream About You, out October 18th. At the time we just streamed the song, but now there’s a video as well (below). But to ensure the links are complete we’re creating part two of the trilogy by adding a remix of Dream About You by the little known Dems. The mix doesn’t radically alter the original, instead chopping it up a little to create something that verges on the side of ambience. You can download the mix from the player below. Very soon, in fact later today, we’ll be completing the trilogy by fully introducing Dems himself and giving another demonstration of why not everything that spends time in Scotland becomes a pale dude with a guitar.

Breaking More Waves: Like the Lord of the Rings with synthesisers and other musical weaponry.

MOPP - Dream About You (Dems remix) by jenanderson

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