Sunday, 1 January 2023

Favourite Gigs of 2022

2022 was a busy year for me in terms of gigs. I managed to catch in the order of 340 live performances.

So without further ado this is a list of my favourite 10 gigs of 2022.

1. Sofi Tukker - London

Moments after the gig I tweeted: "The energy from the crowd at Sofi Tukker tonight was insane. Sweaty, joyous and full of love. It verged on religious. Incredible." That sums up what was not just one of my favourite gigs, but one of the best couple of hours of my 2022.

2. Chvrches - London

I've seen Chvrches many times now but this was a peak. Add in Robert Smith of The Cure (one of my favourite all time bands) as a special guest and call me more than satisfied.

3. Ttrruuces - Bognor Regis

My 'Why have I not seen this band before?' moment. Also my pop-music-making-me-tearful moment.

4. Gabriels - Brighton

I'd read so many things about the elated state Gabriels could leave you in. Those writers were correct. A captivating and soulful live performance. Go see them if you get the chance.

5. Lorde - London

Lorde's 3rd album from 2021 continued to grow on me in 2022 and the beautiful live show complete with her staircase to the sun was aesthetically one of the most inventive I saw in 2022.

6. Rosalia - London

Rosalia isn't a household name in the UK, but elsewhere she's a huge pop star. She spoke of dreams of playing the Royal Albert Hall when she was young, so performing at the 20,000 capacity O2 was mindblowing for her. Thankfully it felt like every Spaniard in London had turned up and the show was packed. The Brits missed out here; an incredibly charismatic, funny, cheeky, sexy, weird, original and (despite the venue size) personal show from the woman who has also made my favourite album of 2022. And what a voice!

7. Gang of Youths - Kingston

This album release show for Banquet Records may have been the shortest gig I went to on this list of 10, but from the off it was exhilarating, with lead singer Dave L'aupepe heading straight into the crowd within seconds of taking to the stage. They may normally play much bigger venues, but The Fighting Cocks pub in Kingston was a perfect punch.

8. Priestgate - Brighton

One of the most exciting new bands I saw in 2022. "And the award for best new frontman at Mutations Festival goes to Priestgate," I tweeted after witnessing Rob Schofield's Iggy Pop referencing performance.

9. Kathryn Joseph - Reading

In a church in Reading Kathryn Jospeh was funny, bewitching, potty-mouthed and beautiful. The highlight of this year's Are You Listening Festival.

10. The Cure - London

One of my favourite bands of all time playing a 2 and a three quarter hour long set that included Friday I'm In Love, Pictures of You, Push, In Between Days, Lovesong and many more including a bunch of songs from the (hopefully / finally) soon to be released new album. What's not to like?

Sofi Tukker - Wet Tennis

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