Saturday, 31 December 2022

Favourite Songs of 2022

Having posted my favourite albums of 2022 let's do my favourite 10 tracks of 2022 shall we?

All of these songs were very much 'in the moment'. Maybe in a year from now they'll mean very little to me, being just moments of musical infatuation. Or maybe the relationship with these songs will develop into a longer lasting love. Long term partners, with you forever or dirty passionate one night stands? Both have their merits. Time here is the key to resolving what happens and at the moment it's too early to tell.

So here's the list. No commentary on the songs except to say yes, there are 2 Harry Styles tracks in the top 10. To be honest I didn’t think as much of the album as some critics did, but these two tunes are the dogs b*llocks.

The top 3 could all really be 1st equal, but I’m putting Hazel English first, just because Hamilton has less streams on Spotify than the other two, and if even one of you reading this goes and listens to it after seeing this list, my job is done. That's a double for Hazel English now having previously topped my Albums of 2020 list.

Here is the top 10.

1 Hamilton – Hazel English

2. Ur Mum – Wet Leg

3. Die Together – Amanda Tenfjord

4. Friendly Sex – Caity Baser

5. As It Was – Harry Styles

6. Burning – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

7. Choreograph - Jessica Winter

8. Boy – Kathleen Frances

9. Music for a Sushi Restaurant – Harry Styles

10. Paramaniac – Abby Roberts

Hamilton - Hazel English

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