Sunday, 2 August 2020

Monthly Playlist: July 2020

Uploaded yesterday to Spotify, posted about here today, here’s the end of July Breaking More Waves new music playlist. It’s a bit shorter than previous months. So get your ears round it now and whilst you’re at it have a listen to The Blinders’ Fantasies of A Stay At Home Psychopath, Courtney Marie Andrews’ Old Flowers and E.M.M.A’s Indigo Dream, my three favourite albums of the last month.

The jury is still out on the second Fontaines DC album from my perspective. My initial impressions are, despite the good reviews, disappointment. For me, so far, it lacks the immediacy and connection that Dogrel had, but I’m going to give it some time before making a full judgement.

Playlist (Find it and follow it on Spotify by clicking here)

Into Indigo – E.M.M.A

I Still Like Kelis – Plastic Mermaids (Ajax Roy O’vaque remix)
Tapestry – Winter Gardens
What You Gonna Do??? – Bastille
Lonely Girl – LibraLibra
It’s All So Incredibly Loud – Glass Animals
One More Weekend – Maude Latour
Won’t You Be Happy – Eaves Wilder
Buzzkill – Baby Queen
Lose My Cool – ROMES
My Future – Billie Eilish
Redemption – Hurts
Simply Put - lilo

Here are a few of the tracks from the playlist that haven't featured on the blog this month before:

LibraLibra - Lonely Girl

ROMES - Lose My Cool

Maude Latour - One More Weekend 

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