Monday 31 August 2020

Monthly Playlist : August 2020


Another month goes by which means another monthly Breaking More Waves playlist featuring a crop of singles and choice album cuts from the latest month of releases. Some you will have no doubt heard of, but hopefully there will be a few gems for you to discover as well. So without further ado, here's the running order. You can find the full playlist over on Spotify by searching for New Music Monthly (Breaking More Waves 2020) or you can click here.

3 tracks from the playlist also stream below for your listening pleasure.

Hallan - Modern England

WizTheMc - Lied

Emma Noble - Woman Of The World

Carla J Easton with Honeyblood - Weirdo

Arlo Parks - Hurt

Holly Humberstone - Vanilla

International Teachers Of Pop - Prince (The Last Wheelie)

Kelly Lee Owens - Jeanette

Pote - Pearls

Dylan Fraser - Vipers

Melis - Apex

Sophie Jamieson - Forward

Bull - Disco Living

girl in red - rue

Zhala - Holes

Master Peace - Regular Feelings

BASEMENT83 - Beautiful One

Confidence Man - First Class Bitch

BENEE - Snail

Celeste - Little Runaway

Greentea Peng - Hu Man

Maguire - Wrestling

Another Sky - Tree 

BENEE - Snail

WizTheMc - Lied

Hallan - Modern England

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