Friday 3 July 2020

Monthly Playlist: June 2020

“What is going on?” the people shouted in desperate voices. 

“It’s the 1st of July and there is no Breaking More Waves new music monthly playlist. The playlist that catalogues some of the best banging tunes from the past month. What has happened? First a global pandemic and now this!”

The people shed a silent tear. They mourned. They felt sorrow in their hearts. How would they cope without their favourite playlist? What could they fill their empty lives with now? What was the point of it all? Life seemed futile and worthless.

Then from somewhere a small voice whispered in nervous excitement: “It’s here.”

The people looked up, their agonised faces flickering with hope. Was this true? Could it really be?

It was here. Solid, real and magnificent.

The Breaking More Waves monthly playlist. A few days late so that I could catch a handful of new releases out today, which considering this is meant to be a June playlist is a bit of a cheat isn't it? But I make the rules around here. Let's not let things like dates get in the way of proceedings. OK?

New music from the past month up to today or discovered in the past month. Some of it was featured on the blog. Some wasn’t. A gift to the people to cheer up their small and purposeless existence. And you can find it on Spotify by clicking here. Why not follow it if you don’t already?

A full list of tracks below and three of the songs from the playlist also stream via Soundcloud at the bottom of the page.


Cosmo Sheldrake – Nightjar Wake Up Call
Liz Lawrence – Hope (Or Something Like It)
AK / DK – Shared Particles
Another Sky – Fell In Love With The City
Sault – Monsters
Club Intl – Crush
Jorja Smith – Rose Rouge
Arca featuring Rosalia - KLK
Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
TWST – Are You Filming Me
Rinse – Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me
Elan Tamara – My Eyes
Courtney Marie Andrews - How You Get Hurt
Lola Scott – Crowded Conscience
Ashnikko (Feat Grimes) – Cry
Holly Humberstone – Overkill
SKAAR - A Little Quiet
Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello
Lynks Afrikka – How To Be Succesful
International Teachers of Pop - Femenenergy
Fear Of Men - Into Strangeness
Max Cooper - Swarm
Betsy – Behind Her Smile
Creep – Arlo Parks

Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher

Remi Wolf - Hello Hello Hello

Lola Scott - crowded conscience

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