Saturday, 11 July 2020

E.M.M.A - Into Indigo

You know that scene in the movie where the camera pans over the wild untamed landscape from above, a single winding road cutting through the crystalline ice capped hills and dense green forests? It’s twilight and a single set of headlights light up the road. Dark clouds signify a storm is brewing.

The camera begins to zoom in and we follow the car for a few more seconds, driving steadily and carefully through the scene. The windscreen wipers work against the falling sleet. The camera cuts to inside the car and it’s there we see the protoganist, staring straight ahead, their face hollow, deep in steely thought and concentration The events of the last few days have changed her as a person forever. She’s driving to the final destination. 

The moment of truth is about to arrive. Your pulse quickens and you realise that you are gripping the arm of your chair in tense anticipation. Then the camera fades and the climax begins.

This is the soundtrack to that scene.

Off course I have no idea what was in E.M.M.A’s head when she wrote Into Indigo, it may well have been fluffy bunnies, but what I do know is that it’s seven years since her acclaimed debut Blue Gardens. Now she’s back with a Indigo Dream, her forthcoming album which is released on July 29th. It includes a track called Ryan Gosling In Space and for that reason alone is worth buying. 

The field of electronic music is one area that is still hugely dominated by men. That is slowly (ever so slowly) changing and in that scene E.M.M.A has been quietly established herself, gaining much respect not only through her released music, but her work as a soundtracker and her behind-the-scenes work as the founder of Producergirls, the UK’s first free-to-attend beginners’ electronic music production workshops for women.

Take a listen Into Indigo, a superbly crafted piece and imagine your film scene.

E.M.M.A - Into Indigo

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