Tuesday, 13 August 2019

New Music: The Murder Capital - More Is Less

Maybe it’s something to do with the politically turbo-charged times we live in, the pop charts becoming increasingly bland / mass-produced or that what goes around comes around, but it seems that shouty music is back in. Every single week a new fiery band of renegades crawl out of South London’s underground scene with a noisy slap of post-punk, whilst up and down the country small gangs of guitar hungry kids are beginning to discover that the music their slightly weird dad listened to in 1982 is actually pretty cool. With IDLES announced to play Alexandra Palace and Fontaines DC selling out dates with ease and both bands finding themselves on the Mercury prize short-list, this stuff is at the point where it’s both critically acclaimed but beginning to have a commercial viability again.

I’ve already pinned my colours to the mast in previous posts with Irish group The Murder Capital, another band of noisesmiths who have impressed in the past both in the studio and, where they really excel, live. But it’s not just about their punk racket. This is a band who offer more layers than that; theatricality, tenderness, emotion, entertainment and intensity. It’s that intensity that is the main element of More Is Less. Uneasy listening that punches hard. A visceral and intense song you probably won’t be playing to your Aunty when she comes round for tea and cake on Sunday. That is unless you’ve seen her wearing a Fugazi, Joy Division or Nick Cave t-shirt, in which case turn the volume up loud and blast her with it.

The band’s debut album is out this Friday. Prepare your ears for a beautiful sonic shafting.

The Murder Capital - More Is Less

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