Sunday, 11 August 2019

Introducing: Mealtime

Meet Mealtime, the Manchester band who appear to have a bit of an obsession with all things mouth related. From the band name, to new (bad spelling) song Teef, to their promo pictures which show them shoving various food stuffs in their gobs to an oral cavity heavy video; if these six pieces’ next single is called Kiss, Lipz, or mentions dentists in any way then suspicions will be fully confirmed.

Manchester’s musical scene may arguably be centred on guitars in recent years but Mealtime offer something different to that. From the two songs they have released so far listeners will have been able to detect a pop heart, albeit one that’s more alt-pop than mainstream pop; there are plenty of soft synth sounds, throbs and electronic mini-riffs combining with the girl-boy vocals. Nice might sound like a lame word when used to describe music, but that’s exactly what these songs are - really nice. Electronic pop can often sound sharply robotic but Mealtime sound like a dream under silk sheets.

Mealtime was picked as part of a BBC Introducing Takeover promotion to play the Nebula Stage at this year’s Blue Dot Festival alongside the likes of Diving Station and Abbie Ozard, both of whom have been featured and introduced on Breaking More Waves, and are due to get their first play on Radio 1 via Huw Stephens just a few hours after this post goes live. Add them to your musical menu.

Mealtime - Denim

Mealtime - Teef

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