Saturday, 27 July 2019

New Music: Salt Ashes - Into The Groove

Salt Ashes has shown her excellent taste in mid 80’s pop before with her cover of Depeche Mode’s Black Celebration back in 2013. Now she’s doing it again by taking on Madonna’s Into the Groove, the track which gave Madge her first UK number 1. 

Into The Groove is also hands down one of the best Madonna songs of all time, the others being Justify My Love, Ray Of Light, Vogue, Like A Prayer, Frozen and Papa Don’t Preach. No arguments please on this. If you disagree you are wrong (but I will allow you to have Holiday, Like A Virgin and I Want You with Massive Attack as close seconds). 

What Salt Ashes (real name Viega Sanchez) has done with Into the Groove is absolutely gorgeous. Given her penchant for dark disco jams, sensual beats and electronic pop it would be easy to expect her to simply maintain the original's club sound, adding perhaps a more modern gloss via production. Yet this isn’t the case. Instead Salt Ashes slows everything down bestowing the song a sense of intimacy and a sense that even if ultimately this is just a tune about dancing with some innuendo about shagging thrown in, it means so much more. Sanchez also grants the song even sharper colours with a vocal delivery that is absolutely to die for. 

Madge eat your heart out. Cover version of the month for sure.

Salt Ashes - Into The Groove

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