Wednesday, 31 July 2019

New Music: Husky Loops - I Think You're Wonderful

I’ve always hated the question ‘what sort of music do you like?’ This is because I don’t really like just one specific type of music and even within genres there is some music I like and some I don’t. So answering it is hard. The possible answer of ‘all types really’ is the sort of bland response that people who aren’t obsessive music fans give and saying ‘just good music’ is ridiculous because how many of us would say that we liked bad music? The question really stumps me. If anyone has a suitably good answer do let me know. 

One type of music that I know that I do like and am often attracted to is pop music, but pop music with (to my ears) a bit of a twist, something that makes it stand out. ‘Pop music for people that don’t normally like pop music’ is how someone once described it. The new Husky Loops single I Think You’re Wonderful is such a song.  

Taken from the London via Italy trio’s forthcoming album I Can’t Even Speak English (which will come with a customisable cover that fans can mark up themselves)  the track is something we could probably all do with now given these rather aggressive, uncompromising and sometimes hateful times; it’s a song with a positive message of love, empathy and resilience. It also reminds me a little bit of Passion Pit's Sleepyhead, which is fine by my books.

What I love about I Think You’re Wonderful is its quirky sense of playfulness; there are effect laden vocal samples that will bring a smile to your face, gentle breakdowns, an unexpected ‘woop’ in the middle and the feeling that Danio, Tommaso and Pietro wanted to write a song that didn’t take itself too seriously, whilst being serious about writing a good song.

Coincidentally, I’m told that Husky Loops find it hard to put a single label on themselves, so in the same way it’s best not to ask me what sort of music I like, it’s probably best not to ask them what sort of music they make, otherwise they’ll be stumped as well.

Husky Loops - I Think You're Wonderful

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