Monday, 22 April 2019

New Music: Golden Fable - Finery

Have you watched the Netflix show The OA? Do you remember how after watching series 1 you (probably) felt a little bit WTF? Especially after THAT dance. If you did you might feel the same after viewing the new video from Welsh band Golden Fable who return with a new single Finery, which is taken from their forthcoming album Alchemy. Featuring two members of Manchester’s Kapow Dance the performance you see is strangely captivating, tender, physical and beautiful – but also downright weird. The comments on the video say it all. First: “Lol I found this while looking for a Fable soundtrack chill out music mix. WHERE AM I?! What is this? Why internet, why?” Second: “This is brilliant.” Personally, I could (and have) watched it over and over and what helps is the beautiful music that accompanies the performance.

If you know Golden Fable’s previous work, you’ll already be familiar with Rebecca’s celestial voice and it’s in the best form on Finery. But that’s not all, the string laden music is also superb; stirring without ever being bombastic it swells and rises much like Rebecca’s voice. Is it folk? Is it rock? Is it indie? I don’t really know or care – but it absolutely moves me. I'd take this over 1000 BTS's or Ariana Grande's.

You can pre-order the new Golden Fable album by clicking this link here.

Golden Fable - Finery

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