Monday 11 March 2019

Introducing: Pocket Sun

When this blog was in its infancy dreamy, blissful, spaced out electronic pop seemed to be everywhere, but particularly in America. Times have changed since that time, but every now and then a new artist or band will crop up who could have very easily fitted in with those lavish sounds of 2009-2011. 

Today I’m introducing one such act. Except this lot aren’t from some laid-back Californian town, instead they’re from Bristol, UK.  They’re called Pocket Sun and they use synths and electronics to make songs that sound like the computer techies in the office have been on a holiday to a sun-drenched resort and come back with a bit more of a relaxed groove about them. If the sound Pocket Sun make was the blog sound of 2010, with a few years removed and less hype it still sounds celestially lovely. 

Debut single Plastic is a technicolour pop song of perfection. It doesn’t leap out and shout in your face; it’s more subtle than that. But once the “sending signals into the sky” hook and melodic charms weave their way into your head you’ll probably want to float away somewhere all together more astral as well.

It’s very early days for Pocket Sun – Plastic only came out on Friday – but once their debut EP (due for May release) is out and everyone has heard more of their warm, bleached out electronic songs it wouldn’t surprise me at all if we’re all drifting away with them. A fine way to start your musical week.

Pocket Sun - Plastic

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