Friday, 8 March 2019

Introducing: Kings

If you’re a fan of modern of the moment slow-burning electronic pop with strong vocals then you need to take a listen to today’s new artist. She goes by the name of Kings and shouldn’t be confused with late 80’s Dr Martens sporting King who gave us Love and Pride and some others that nobody can remember, or any of the other rather large crop of bands with Kings in their name, from that Sex on Fire lot to the Kings of Convenience. Or even this group (click here) who I introduced a couple of years ago that had exactly the same name. No this is just Kings, even although there’s just the one of her - which is somewhat confusing.

Kings is not her real name, of course, which is in fact revealed on her Facebook as Aniya. If that name rings a bell it’s probably because there was a singer called Aniya who after moving to London from her native Switzerland put out a couple of really good tracks in 2017 called Demon and Demon Part II In Praise of Folly. Those tracks did pretty well on You Tube and then after that, it seemed to go a bit quiet.

It appears that these two Aniyas are one and the same. Recently Aniya, under her new name of Kings, supported Lewis Capaldi and Nina Nesbitt at a sold out show in Switzerland and played her own smaller headline gig Iin Zurich which she also sold out. Colours is her debut song as Kings and was released today; it’s easy to imagine this one picking up some airplay in the UK on Radio 1. It sounds a little bit like a cross between Dua Lipa and Little Mix, so it really is one for the pop kids. An impressive and accessible start – keep an eye and ear out for Kings.

Kings - Colour

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