Wednesday 6 February 2019

New Music: GIRLI - Deal With It

Milly Toomey better known as GIRLI (she’s clearly a fan of the capital letters unlike yesterday’s band deep tan) has over the years been getting better and better. From the Super Mario pop of So You Think You Can F*ck With Me Do Ya? and the M.I.A vs early Charli XCX vs Shampoo chants of ASBoys in 2015 through to the 2017’s fast-paced Hot Mess up to the here and now with her best yet - Deal With It – a bona fide banger. Today she has released a video for the song - a jam that reminds me a little bit of the exuberant I Love It by Icona Pop – which is in all respects a very good thing.

GIRLI explains Deal With It as follows “It is about embracing your weirdness and telling anyone who judges or questions your individuality to get over it. It’s about refusing to change who you are for other people and instead of saying that it’s their problem if they’re offended by who you are, not yours.” 

It’s a sentiment that over the last few years a lot of pop musicians have been relaying as part of their message. It’s one that I fully support – after all it’s the weird bits of us that make us interesting and exciting. However, there’s a caveat here and I do wish that more pop people would add this caveat. Refusing to change who you are for other people is fine, most of the time. But there’s a line. For example, if you’re a mass murderer or rapist, quite a few people are going to be pretty offended / hurt by this, and it might be time to reconsider who you are and instigate some changes. Or turn yourself in to the police and let them deal with it.

However, in most cases ‘weirdness’ is just others not being able to relate to you on some much less impactful level and if for example that means that means that someone else can’t handle you dying your hair pink and bouncing around to electropop (whatever age / gender / race etc you are) then that really is their problem not yours. Now, who wants to dance frantically around their house / on the street to this? Because Deal With It is a frantic bop of the highest order.

Girli’s 9 track album Odd One Out is released on the 5th of April and she’s doing a huge tour of Britain (although there’s only 1 Scottish and 1 Welsh date) at the same time to promote it. Go and celebrate your inner (or outer) weirdness with her, whoever you are.

GIRLI - Deal With It (Video)

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