Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Introducing: Sazzie

Bringing back colour and tacky bouncy synths to pop music, today’s ‘new’ artist is one that long term Breaking More Waves readers may well recognise. Sazzie, as she now likes to be called, is Sarah McIntosh and she first featured here 10 years ago (March 4th 2009 to be exact - here) when she started out as The Good Natured, knocking out some rather classy cool underground pop with tracks such as  Your Body Is A Machine and Skeleton. Since that time she’s also been part of the sassy Lovestarrs before she moved on to a solo career under her new Sazzie moniker.

Sazzie, much like Sarah’s previous projects, is clearly in love with pop music. But whereas The Good Natured had a slightly hip / indie / underground feel to it, as Sazzie, Sarah seems to have no hesitation in embracing her playful side. Do You Work Out? with its naughty hen party and male strippers visuals and call to take off your shirt is the UK’s better and sexier answer to Gangnam Style and latest track Wtf (Pop Culture) is an energised romp through the disco days of the Pet Shop Boys and Vince Clarke era Depeche Mode whilst documenting the here and now of mobile phones, Instagram, Donald Trump, Brexit, Cardi B, Azealia Banks, Grimes, Elon Musk and many more.

If you like pop acts that don’t take everything seriously (Lizzo, Confidence Man etc) you might just love Sazzie. She’s injecting a big dose of cheekiness into the rear end of pop music, and I’ll tell you what, everyone should have at least two shots of it.

Get dancing to her tunes below.

Sazzie - Wtf (Pop Culture)

Sazzie - Do You Work Out?

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