Monday 27 August 2018

New Music: Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Video)

There’s a comment underneath the recently released You Tube video for Freya Ridings Lost Without You that simply states: “How can you dislike something so beautiful?” And whilst I could open my music and psychology textbooks and begin to research and write a huge in depth dissertation of the many different ways we listen to music and how nature and our environment develops each of our tastes in different ways, this is a music blog, designed to be relatively short and conversational, so let’s move on from that discussion and just all agree that it’s impossible that anyone could not find this song anything more than perfect shall we?

Whilst Lost Without You has been around for some time now (stats fans may be interested to know it now has over 22 million plays on Spotify) and there’s already been an official video of a live version of the song, as well as physical releases of the song on her Live At St Pancras Old Church (now sold out) and Live At Omeara (still available) CDs this is the first time there’s been an official video for the studio version of the song. 

If you haven’t heard Lost Without You yet, where the hell have you been? But better late than never. It's the sort of song that in the old pre-internet days would have probably been number 1 for 10 weeks. Watch the video and bathe in one of the most beautiful things you’ll find online.

Fun fact: The last time I saw Freya Ridings she was standing outside a chicken takeaway in West London using her mobile phone. I mention this only so that there's a reality check here. Even people making beautiful things like this lead normal lives as well.

Freya Ridings - Lost Without You (Video)

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