Wednesday 29 August 2018

New Music: Introducing - Alice Chater

After going a bit punk yesterday on the blog, today I’m veering to the other end of the spectrum, introducing a glossy new pop star waiting in the wings. If you’re a fan of Madonna, Britney and the like and if you understand and appreciate the vibrant essence of pop music is essentially about catchy songs and a performer who is able to dance their arse off to them then you’re going to adore Alice Chater.

Alice first cropped up on quite a few in the know pop kids radars in April when she released a rather artfully fierce Visual Introduction piece casting herself as some sort of exotically powerful spider woman. She then quickly followed it up with the spunky rhythmic banger Girls x Boys (click here), the video of which found her joining the prestigious pop stars in the bath club at a very early stage of her career. For anyone who is a regular at Breaking More Waves you’ll already know about musicians in the bath and how important it is for popstars to join that particular club. Find me a major star who hasn’t done a promotional picture or video in the bath and I’ll be flabbergasted. 

Girls x Boys has been followed this summer by Heartbreak Hotel, another very modern, very Radio 1 friendly pop banger that manages to shoehorn the melody of the disco classic Ring My Bell by Anita Ward in to the chorus in much the same way that Madonna stole Abba for Hung Up. If pop music was football Heartbreak Hotel would be very much like Leeds United - pushing to get in that premier league.

It seems upon further investigation that Alice is a very big fan of the bathtub, because not only does she jump in one for Girls x Boys, but she also climbs into a big bold yellow one for the video of the latest single. Not only that but there’s footage online of her performing at this year’s London Pride and she’s in the bath for that as well. It’s a bath with her name on – so she really is serious about this.

So, whilst in 2018 new pop has been owned by Sigrid (who owned in 2017 as well, but until she has an album out I’m still considering her as new) Alice Chater is also making an impression. If she’s got a few more hooks and massive bangers ready in the wings she could be a star. And if there's any more bathtub action on the way, it's guaranteed.

Alice Chater - Visual Introduction

Alice Chater - Heartbreak Hotel

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