Monday 30 May 2016

New Music: Bishop Briggs - The Way I Do

One of my ‘to sees’ at this year’s Great Escape Festival that never materialised due to horrendous line up clashes was Bishop. To make matters worse I spoke to three different people who did make it along to the one show she played and all of them sung her praises to the heavens. 100% killer vocal and talent was the consensus. Damn.

Her first two singles Wild Horses and its follow up River were both colossal tunes which in some ways reminded me of an artist like Rag ‘N’ Bone Man; that is to say she clearly possesses a fine set of lungs and her songs mash up a number of genres - in Bishop’s case, acoustic folk, dark electronic pop and soul.

Now she’s back with a third offering and a name upgrade from Bishop to Bishop Briggs. I assume this is not as a tribute to the town on the edge of Glasgow, Scotland, although apparently her parents are Scottish, even though she was born in London and raised in Japan and Hong Kong before finally ending up in Los Angeles. The Way I Do is a gospel-choir backed belter, passionate in both its delivery and lyrical focus and may well send shivers down your spine. It’s a persuasive argument that we all need to go and worship at the church of Bishop Briggs.

Bishop Briggs - The Way I Do

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