Sunday 2 March 2014

Sun Up - New Waves

Today we’re introducing you to one of our new favourite voices. Her name is Frøydis and she sings in the band Sun Up. It took us just twenty-five seconds to fall in love with her singing; after she cooed about the blind leading the blind our ears were wide open for more. Her sweet misty tone is what we imagine you’d get if you could somehow naturally blend Bjork and Delores from The Cranberries together. In fact The Cranberries referencing goes even further than that, with the band’s debut song Machines featuring the same driving bass sound and chiming guitars that The Cranberries used to some effect on their (arguably best) song Dreams. That’s not to say that Machines is some half-hearted attempt at recreating Dreams (although it is very dreamy) it is very much a tune that stands on its own, with a certain sort of indie rock / pop classicism that means it could have been recorded at any time between about 1988 and now. 

"We are built like machines," Frøydis tells us, which makes us think - what machine would we want to be built like? We quite fancy being a washing machine - brilliant in what it does, yet often just taken for granted.

So what do we know about Sun Up? They’re a London based five piece although Frøydis appears to originally be from Norway and relocated to London in 2012. They have a drummer who goes by the name Lush, which we think is rather fantastic. They formed some time last year and have very few shows under their belts, although if you’re in London you can catch them supporting Man Like Me at 93 Feet East on the 14 March. 

A positively lovely start from this new band. Consider us charmed.

Sun Up - Machines

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Unknown said...

Perfect description of her voice, great track