Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sons & Lovers - Lover

We’ve been banging on about Sons & Lovers for quite a while now, (since summer 2012) so it’s nice to see that with new song Lover (wouldn’t it be good if the b-side was called Son?) as soon as it went on line a number of other blogs immediately posted it, because for a while we thought we were out there being alone and blog-billy no mates with this band.

Being alone is very much the theme of Lover, one of the first songs the group wrote together. “I don’t want to be lonely,” sings frontman Tom Lillywhite in the songs whopping chorus, whilst elsewhere we find him delivering thoughts on self-awareness and fitting in: “You don’t know what you’ve been doing wrong, you’ve been dancing to all the right songs.”

Lover is a big song. Here the band has found the ramp marked ‘music’, slowly driven up to it and then pressed down the accelerator hard. If growly basslines, guitars with a sense of purpose and drums that sound like they’re being hit very hard indeed are your thing, but all within a 100% accessible near-pop format then press play on Lover. You’ll er…. love it.

Sons & Lovers - Lover

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Chris said...

Cracking tune - sounds even better (AND BIGGER) live!