Thursday, 29 August 2013

Flyte - New Waves

Today we’re introducing a group who with their debut song Over And Out have managed to put together a tune that encapsulates classic songwriting with indie pop sensibilities, a smattering of a groove and a chorus that sounds so wonderfully life affirming that we haven’t been able to stop singing it since we first heard it several days ago. Ladies and gentlemen of the internet, we give you Flyte.

From what we’ve heard of Flyte’s other tracks Over And Out is no one song-wonder either. Here’s a band who know how to write a real corker of a tune, with all that basic stuff that so many bands forget; great melodies, harmonies, variety and an accessible inventiveness that draws you in further. We hear elements of Tom Petty, Orange Juice, Roy Orbison and Talking Heads in what they do, as well as The Beatles in this gorgeous song called Faithless.

So let’s put aside our glowing enthusiasm for a moment and give you some facts. The band consist of Will Taylor (lead vocals, guitar), Nick Hill (bass, vocals), Sam Berridge (keyboards, vocals) and Jon Supran (drums, vocals). They sound like they’ve been doing it for years – so much so that we carried out a few Google searches thinking ‘they must have been another nearly-made-it-band who have re-named themselves’ but as yet we can find no evidence of that. They’ve been playing a number of shows in London and will (hopefully) be coming to a town near you very soon. One gig we know they have confirmed is in Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth, where they tread the boards early in the afternoon at the brilliant Southsea Fest (preview coming soon). It’s in our diary, underlined with a big asterisk next to it.

Flyte’s debut EP, which was recorded in a day and is out next month is called The Live EP. They might have just become our new favourite band. Cancel that - they have just become our new favourite band.

Flyte - Over And Out (Video)

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