Friday, 24 May 2013

Clare Maguire - Changing Faces

Just imagine for a moment that music was actually served in a restaurant, its performers being your dinner date for the evening. Imagine also that on this particular night that your companion was Clare Maguire, her songs the feast for the ears.

Starters would involve some stripped down demos. The likes of the Johnny Cash meets soul diva sound of Burn, the Celtic connection of Butcher Boy and an early raw and powerful version of Strangest Thing, all delicious and just building anticipation for mains.

Main course takes a while to arrive but when it does its an absolutely huge dish. For some it's over cooked and just too much, for others it's a powerfully underrated. That’s taste for you, the chef is never going to be able to satisfy everybody with a debut album.

Now at this point we're not sure if we’re onto dessert or if we’ve actually swapped eateries. For in many ways this feels like starters all over again. We’ve already had the quickly sneaked out then removed wild-west blues of Happy Anniversary (released under the name Maggie), followed by a cover version of Joni Mitchell’s The Last Time I Saw Richard, plus a guest vocal appearance on Limitless by Burns. Now we get another demo entitled Changing Faces and it’s as tasty as something from a Michelin starred chef. Clare’s voice is full of depth, restraint and maturity on this piano ballad. It feels (and we use the word feels rather than sounds because music is as much about emotions and making you feel something inside as it is about the technicalities of sound) that Clare Maguire is cooking up the goods again. We look forward to see what comes out of her musical kitchen next.

Clare Maguire - Changing Faces (Demo)

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