Thursday, 19 February 2009

Skint and Demoralised - This Song Is Definitely Not About You

Skint and Demoralised release their second single This Song Is Definitely Not About You on the 2nd March 2009. Vocalist and so called street poet Matt Abbott, who since his debut single late last year has left the life of a teenager, recites another round of spoken word indie pop of the Topman / NME / boyband kind coming on like Just Jack and The Streets with chirpy guitars and organ sound. He forms a narrative that makes him out to be one of the sensitive lads, with his floppy hair and jangling guitars mashing up against lyrics about an inconsiderate selfish ex-friend. “And does friendship take the sidelines when it's served it's only purpose? Left loitering behind you; success has deemed it surplus,” he raps.

Whilst not quite on a par with debut single The Thrill Of Thirty Seconds it’s a catchy, albeit slight affair that soon gets under the skin. Time will tell if ultimately being under the skin soon becomes an annoying itch. Skint and Demoralised are out on their first headline tour this month. We’ll be catching them to see if our prediction of them being One to Watch in 2009 was a valid one, or if they are just a one trick pony.

Internet gossip suggests equal amounts of love and hate for Skint and Demoralised. Watch this video and decide for yourselves.

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hip hop head said...

wow i really like this, like the street but with better music. have you got any more tracks? fukin mint