Friday, 13 February 2009

The Great E Mail Challenge (Part 1) - Email #1

Seven minutes after posting the last blog, Breaking More Waves has composed an email to the NME and pressed send. We've started with our own style. Chances of publication ? Very little.

Dear NME

Your article on nostalgia was so wide of the mark that I wonder if you actually love music at all. Sure, some music is an exciting quick fling, a one night stand soon to be discarded. However other songs are long term partners, that maybe at first don’t stick their tongue straight down your throat, but gradually develop a relationship with the listener that one grows to love. Not every ‘guilty pleasure’ is liked in the first place, but some old songs develop a fondness, not through nostalgia, but through a gradual appreciation of a good tune that was maybe missed the first time around.

If the discovery rush of the new is all you want (I guess you are called NME so fair play) then you risk missing some of the most beautiful and amazing music that may be right under your nose. And remember as the volume of music and fashion out there continues to grow, it is becoming harder and harder to create something new. History has a way of repeating itself, almost everything is based in nostalgia these days.

PS: Dancing with hobbits to ‘You Can't Hurry Love' did sound pretty scary though. Were you on prescription medication by any chance ?

Robin, Portsmouth

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