Tuesday 2 April 2024

NEW #78 - The Pill


The Pill are like the snotty but sparkling d-i-y punk-pop sisters of Wet Leg, or perhaps Panic Shack, with extra venom. Debut single Bale of Hay, released yesterday, is less than 2 minutes long but packs in more wit and energy than most bands manage in years. “I’m a blonde bitch. Bimbo, butthole, tits. You expect me to be a sex icon. Oh wait, I am,” they proclaim with fake surprise before storming into some chaotic riffing. It’s all brilliantly messy and lo-fi and I’m here for it.

Describing themselves as “Two girlies on vocals, bass and guitar along with Rufus on sticks,” The Pill say that they draw from dire situations, like your scaffolder seeing you naked (insert jokes about big poles here like a Viz style comic) and the woes of your hair being too blonde, which is what this song is about.

If there is a hint of Wet Leg in what The Pill do, it’s perhaps not that surprising, after all they drink and bathe in the same water supply as Rhian and Hester, as they also hail from the Isle of Wight. 

For a pretty small place the island does damn well in producing artists that gain some traction. Besides the aforementioned Chaise Longuers, over the last few years we’ve had Plastic Mermaids, Coach Party and Lauran Hibberd all doing rather well (and all covered early on by this blog!) Now it’s time for your pills. Or rather The Pill.

The band has been kicking around for a while now. I first came across an earlier incarnation sometime around the back end of 2019 and had booked them to play Dials Festival in 2020. However, something happened in 2020 (you can probably remember!) and as a result there was no Dials. They seemed to disappear for a while but now The Pill are here and ready to go.

Bale of Hay streams below and you’ll also find it on next Friday’s New Music Friday playlist. The Pill are Lily and Lottie (and not forgetting Rufus behind!) and support Big Special in Oxford on the 4th April and play Notting Hill Arts Club, London with Juno on the 5th.

The Pill - Bale of Hay

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