Thursday, 9 March 2023

NEW #69 Bellah Mae


It’s been a while since Breaking More Waves has featured a potentially chart-bound pop musician on these pages. Recently the focus has been on louder, edgier alternative acts or left of centre singer songwriter types. So, let’s address that right now by waving hello to Bellah Mae who says of herself: “I overshare my life in all my songs and then let the world listen, so welcome to the Hot Ex Girlfriends Club”.

With a couple of singles under her belt, Bellah (short for Isabella) is already showing lots of promise as a potential hit maker. First there was break up jam Boyfriend Of The Year (a pop tune with a slightly U.S rock attitude and the only one where you’ll probably hear the mention of carbonara of in the lyrics) and then the follow up, the  Drama King, which finds Bellah singing to her slightly pathetic and obsessive boyfriend: “You follow Instagram models, one after the other, but god forbid I follow back my best friends brother.”

Whilst they’re both bops a deeper perspective on what Bellah is probably about can be heard on a different version of Boyfriend of the Year titled the (Sadder) version. Here there’s a nod to Taylor Swift in its style. Just like Taylor Bellah has a bit of a country background, having done some ground-work in Nashville when she was just 17 before signing a record deal.

If you’re a fan of Taylor, Olivia Rodrigo or Miley Cyrus you’ll find a lot to like here. As with virtually everything featured on these pages it’s early days, but I’m certainly not betting against Bellah Mae right now.

Bellah Mae - Boyfriend Of The Year

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