Wednesday, 27 April 2022

NEW #52 Supersaurus


Today’s new band claim to have a songwriting style that takes inspiration from Carly-Rae Jepsen and Chvrches. Yet on debut single Alice they sound a lot like early The 1975 circa 2013. Of course, it’s dangerous to start making comparisons when a band only has one single out; take Pale Waves for example who I threw exactly the same comparison at on their first official release, but now I’d compare with Avril Lavigne. We’ll all need a few more songs to make a better judgement, but this is a new music blog so sometimes super-early commitment is required.

The band in question is called Supersaurus, and a quick Google will tell you that they are a top UK wedding and party band available for hire, who are renowned for filling dance floors. Which just shows that you need to be careful with the internet. For that Supersaurus is a totally different band of the same name. Although maybe this lot could also soon be renowned for filling dance floors at your local indie disco perhaps?

So this Supersaurus, the one you need to focus on, is made up of Benji, Tay, Lauren and Becca. Their aforementioned debut single was released earlier this month. It’s a jubilant sounding piece of guitar pop, although if like THAT famous song you're asking who the f*ck is Alice, the answer is not exactly clear. One of the first lines is: “Hey Alice, I think I could have loved you, but you’re not real, no you were never real.” Elsewhere there are lines about: “It was all in my mind, all the beautiful things, that are lost in another timeline.” Is Alice just someone that Benji saw on line? Perhaps. Maybe she was just a dream? However, what is clear is that Alice (the song) swooshes with a guitar laden melody that would sound great on the radio. It also contains some great 'Hey' shouts, which anyone who has studied the Rules of Pop* will know is always encouraged. 

Warning: Earworm alert.

*Any version of the Rules of Pop - it's in Chapter 4 just after the section on singing La La La

Supersaurus - Alice (Video)

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