Tuesday, 8 June 2021

NEW #27 - rainbow frog biscuits


Today’s new artist has just one song online, but it’s such a pretty and melodic thing that its soft impact feels ready for writing about at this early point. The song in question is Attention. It’s by Amber Louise, a teenager who hails from the Leicestershire region and performs under the name rainbow frog biscuits. It will charm rather than punch you into submission and yes, there’s an element of tweeness about it, but twee unfairly gets a bad name sometimes. 

If you’re only into lad-rock you’re probably not going to be jumping up and down with excitement to rainbow frog biscuits, but at least Amber can’t face any criticism from the dreaded ‘real / authentic music’ fans who think that anything that is generated from a computer isn’t good. Her plucked guitars and gentle cooed harmonies are about as organic and natural as you can find – you can easily imagine her playing this song in a shaded glade at a festival in the woods to a hushed adoring crowd.

Of course, it’s the de rigeur for new artists to develop a following on Tik Tok these days and here Amber is doing rather well, with 1 million followers and 17.4 million likes. But away from that, Attention, a song about the classic teenage insecurity of having a friend that you think is way better looking than you, stands tall on its own, whatever platform you first discover it on.

“I just wanna make some quirky groovy tunes about quirky groovy things, you know?” she explains on her Spotify bio and the playlist she has curated there spells that out from the start; after her own song twelve Kate Bush tracks follow. Unsurprisingly the playlist also features a Dodie track (probably the most obvious reference point) but the inclusion of George Benson, Tears For Fears and Chris De Burgh may not be what you expect.

What we can expect next from Amber is a mystery at the moment. But if her songs are anything near as endearing as Attention, those play counts on streaming services are going to be shooting up.

rainbow frog biscuits - Attention

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