Saturday, 22 May 2021

NEW #25 - Lovejoy


Here’s an odd one. Press play on Lovejoy's debut EP Are You Alright? released a couple of weeks back and you’ll probably think you’re listening to something from 2005- 2007. Their blend of hooky pop tunes formed out of chunky energetic guitars punctuated by punchy brass riffs sounds far removed from much of today’s designed for Tik-Tok / You Tube influencer led pop music. 

So, it might come as a surprise to find that Lovejoy are already enjoying some success. After all, their sound certainly isn’t flavour of the month. A couple of the UK band’s tunes are already hovering around the lower reaches of the Top 100 singles chart, and the video for their song One Day has over 5 million views on You Tube. 

The reason for this seemingly very non-zeitgeist band doing so well? The answer is Wilbur Soot (real name Will Gold). The lead vocalist is an established UK based internet personality and Twitch streamer. Wilbur has over 5 million subscribers on You Tube and has already released some solo music. It seems that perhaps bands like this aren’t dead, they just have to work out how to engage with an audience in new ways. 

Of course good songs and personality help and there’s something really likeable and very British about Lovejoy’s tunes. If in the mid noughties you were listening to Jack Penate, Scouting For Girls, The Rumble Strips or Athlete then Lovejoy will probably bring a smile and sense of nostalgia to you. 

All credit to a band who start one of their songs with the line: “Stop! ‘Cos why did you have to kill my cat?” (on One Day), before continuing with Wilbur singing that “a toilet with the seat left up is closure like a deer in headlights.” Combine that with the aforementioned bouncy exuberant brass, stupidly frantic foot to the floor drumming, a momentum that sounds like they might fall apart at any moment and Wilbur’s existing online presence and you have all the ingredients of an old fashioned band that might just cut through.

Lovejoy - One Day

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