Thursday 26 November 2020

Ones to Watch 2021 #2 The Lathums


Indie rock male 4 pieces with guitars are dead, blah blah blah.

Well, if you think that you haven’t met The Lathums

If you’re a fan of Arctic Monkeys, Last Shadow Puppets, The View, The Coral, jangly guitars and strong melodic songwriting, you’re going to love this lot. 

The Lathums (not pronounced The Laithums) from Wigan came together as a college project and quickly went from playing their first gig to getting signed, to sold out shows. Then came Covid-19 and lockdown and for a band that seemingly thrive in the live arena it didn’t look so good for The Lathums.

However, their third EP, Ghosts, released at the end of October 2020 sent out a big statement of intent. “People have got too comfortable and think they have us sussed, hopefully this EP shows people there’s a lot more than meets the eye because there is no limit on how far this can go,” the band said on their Facebook page and they’re not wrong. I See Your Ghost is the sound of the Arctic Monkeys doing ska with a slice of frantic twangy psychedelia all laced with adrenalin boosted vocals, whilst Foolish Parley is all 60s influenced indie. Best however is a the first song that lead vocalist Alex Moore ever wrote; All My Life is a lovely quietly affecting ballad with a gigantic good to be alive chorus. It’s a song to fall in love to. 

Indie rock may be totally out of fashion, but I suspect that will suit The Lathums fine. Their quality songs will count more than anything else. Ones to Watch for 2021.

The Lathums - All My Life

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