Saturday 13 June 2020

Introducing: RINSE

Today’s new artist admires the likes of The Cure, Spiritualized and The Jesus & Mary Chain and it’s those influences plus much of what students in dimly lit student indie discos in the 80’s shuffled around to which his sound references. 

RINSE is the solo project of Brisbane artist Joe Agius. The very eagle-eyed among you might recognise him from his work with Hatchie who he has produced, co-written and performed live with. He’s also responsible for the Hamster Calling filter that went viral a year or so ago; it now has in the region of 350 million users, which is probably a claim that most musicians couldn’t make. 

Alas at this point his music hasn’t been exposed to those same 350 million. Right now, his Spotify profile shows he has 1,743 monthly listeners with debut track Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me having had 15,897 plays whilst new single Trust In Me has yet to reach 1,000 plays. However, if I had to choose between a hamster filter and RINSE’s music it would be the music all the way. 

Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’s throwback guitars and underlying moody synths are complemented by a vocal delivery and melody that has an effervescent pop-charm. If I was going to stereotype and hadn’t seen a photo of Joe I’d be fully expecting him to have a Flock of Seagulls haircut (here) and be wearing a long grey raincoat (oh hold on...that coat above is grey and may well be long) and pair of Doctor Marten boots. Trust In Me follows suit, with some hooky keyboard lines overlain with some dirty The Boo Radleys Giants Steps era noise. It’s decidedly nostalgic but glistens with a joyful abandon all the same. Right now, the chances of Joe making it to the UK to play any shows are absolute zero, but perhaps we can all wish for 2021 bringing better things for live music and travel and RINSE gracing our shores?

RINSE - Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me

RINSE - Trust In Me

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