Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Introducing: Maude Latour

Let’s get this out of the way right at the beginning, shall we? (And for anyone who has just come across this blog you have a lot of catching up to do re: musicians and baths). Yes, this is a relatively new pop musician. And guess what? She’s leapt straight in and done a promo picture with a bath. Except she hasn’t leapt in, because she’s sitting outside it. If she was aware of the long history of pop musicians and bath promo shots, she’d probably realise that this was something a little bit different. Not edgy as such - but certainly different. Maybe she is aware? Maybe she reads this blog and took influence from all the other musicians in the bath out there. There’s certainly a lot of them. I still don't anyone has beaten Mariah Carey for sheer ridiculousness though.

So, to the music and the musician. (Do you really want to read about that when you can just press play and decide yourself? Ok, I’ll keep this short.)

This is Maude Latour. She does pop music that sounds a little bit like Lorde once it gets going. 

I’m told she’s lived in London, Stockholm and Hong Kong and is fluent in both Dutch and Mandarin. She's currently a freshman at Columbia University studying philosophy and political science and plans to be the first president to perform at her own inauguration. She’s 19 years old. Which makes me look back at my 19-year-old self and think I was pretty rubbish back then. I was probably sitting in a pub drinking cider talking about record shopping and that was about it.

She has 2 tracks on her Soundcloud: Superfruit (which has elements of the aforementioned Lorde and also Marina) and unusually in these days of co-writes with big teams it was written by Maude and Maude only. The second track is Plans which starts like a pretty twinkling electronic fairytale before heading into those Lorde-a-like territories as Maude sings of the start of a new love and wanting to cancel all of her plans to be alone with that person. According to the press release in front of me the song has some ‘phantasmagoric digital flourishes.’ See if you can spot them. Whatever or wherever they are, I like the sound of them. Let's have more phantasmagoric digital flourishes in life generally please.

There are some other songs on Maude’s Spotify that she released last year as a mini album called High School High. The internet tells me this was a high school final project – which makes some sense as it’s Plans and Superfruit that really hit the spot for me, as it has done with a number of blogs over the last week or so.

She’s done the bath thing, she’s released a couple of blog loved pop songs, so she’s off to a fine start. 

Let’s keep our eyes and ears out for what Maude Latour releases next.

Maude Latour - Plans

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