Friday, 31 May 2019

New Music: Poppy - Scary Mask featuring Fever 333

From the word go Poppy has always been one of the more interesting pop stars out there. From her wonky pastel universe videos where she asked her followers to repeat with her “I am not in a cult” and clips that made a basil plant and a mannequin called Charlotte internet famous, to her early highly synthetic pop shows (the one I caught in London saw Charlotte the mannequin ‘perform’ a DJ set and Toto’s Africa was played on repeat non stop for an hour getting gradually louder each time before she came on stage). it's fair to say that Poppy has always been slightly more than bonkers but weirdly entertaining. 

New track Scary Mask continues her trajectory into the odd. The one criteria I usually use for featuring a song on Breaking More Waves is that I like it. I’m not really sure if I do like Scary Mask; but it does make me smile, so that’s close enough to liking something isn’t it? 

So, what’s so odd about Scary Mask? Compare her earlier work such as the barbie-girl-nursery-time-synth-pop of Beach Blonde Baby (here) with this and you’ll see why. You probably didn’t know that you needed some dark electro hardcore metal intensity in your life – but you’re just about to get it. For this time, Poppy teams up with Fever 333. Madness ensues.

You can find this track alongside everything else I’ve featured during May on Breaking More Waves (which is less than usual) on the Breaking More Waves Spotify playlist, which is updated at the end of the month for your listening pleasure. Why not give it a follow? You can find it by clicking here.

Poppy - Scary Mask featuring Fever 333 (Video)

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