Sunday 3 June 2018

New Music: Margot - Twenty Six

Second song in for South London’s Margot and like its predecessor Desensitised, Twenty Six is underpinned with an introverted touch of class. Lead singer Alex Hannaway’s voice is full of yearning and the song’s meandering melody drifts and soothes – an antidote to the thought that all music has to be pumped up and ambitious.

“It’s a discussion with myself, a self-reflective hangover” says Alex, “where you make pledges to yourself, full up with anxiety and memory loss.”

Twenty Six is Margot’s second self-released song and comes from a forthcoming EP, which was recorded in between day jobs at drummer Ben Andrewes house. From the photo above it looks like Margot are currently so hard up they are all having to share a bed like Charlie’s grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Maybe music will be their golden ticket?

There’s a pretty melancholy power to the two songs they've now released – there are definitely elements to the quintet's sound that remind me of Roddy Frame’s more reflective moments. Nice often sounds a terrible word to use about rock and pop music – suggesting something a bit weak, mainstream and insubstantial – but this isn’t. Yet it is really nice.

Margot - Twenty Six

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