Thursday 10 May 2018

New Music: Basement Revolver - Baby

Here’s some good news:

1. Canadian trio Basement Revolver have a new single out.

2. It’s good.

3. They’ve got an album on the way as well. It’s due on August 24th and it's called Heavy Eyes.

4. They’re in the UK next week to play Brighton’s Great Escape and there will be a preview of that on Breaking More Waves with all the essential tips and recommendations pretty soon.

Now admittedly ‘it’s good’ isn’t a particularly great piece of music journalism (but then you don't come here for music journalism do you?) nor does it give much context or even entertain – all of those things that music writing is meant to do. 

So let’s expand just a little and tell you why it’s good. 

First, because it’s one of those tracks that sounds best turned up loud. The guitars are all gritty, fuzzy and slouchy, sounding like they’ve been waiting around at the bus stop for a while, got a bit bored and have decided to annoy the nearby residents. But the residents won’t be able to get that cross because Chrisy Hurn’s voice is so stirring and seemingly limitless that they won’t be able to do anything but be charmed. Besides they might be fans of beautifully weary sounding indie rock. 

Secondly, because it feels cathartic. And for me music is as much about feeling as it is about technical quality. By the end you’ll find yourself being swept away by the sheer dynamism of it. “It’s about feeling confused about what I want in life, and how that affects other people. It is about crying a lot and feeling like I was burdening my partner with those questions and not wanting him to feel like he was the source of my anxiety,” says Chrisy. 

This one is epic and emotive. In other words, it's good. Turn the volume up when playing.

Basement Revolver - Baby

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