Tuesday, 14 February 2017

New Music: Ider - Face On

At the risk of Breaking More Waves just becoming a musical Xerox machine, constrained to pump out posts about acts of certain genres, here’s a brand new piece of electronic sounding pop from London’s Ider. You may remember them from an introducing post I ran last year

Listening to Face On I imagine that Megan and Lily, who make up this duo, would have been the two kids at school who always sat at the back of class, were far too hip to talk to the likes of you and me and were already sneaking their way into nightclubs by the time they were 16. However, irrespective of my imagination of their cool misspent youth, Face On is a very neat piece of electronic pop blessed with dark ominous sounding verses and an airy hooky chorus, that gets the Breaking More Waves seal of approval, whatever that is is? Maybe a cheesy double thumbs-up? 

Face On comes from Ider’s debut EP which is due on the 31st March and have signed to Aesop (SOHN, TALA etc.) for its release. The band have already sold out their debut headline show at Bermondsey Social Club on the 6th April and have a variety of festival dates announced including Live At Leeds and End of the Road. 

Ider - Face On

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