Monday 23 January 2017

New Music: Rosie Carney - Awake Me

Somewhere out there on Spotify there’s a playlist with the rather hyperbolic title of The Most Beautiful Songs in The World. Yet despite the slight over exaggeration, I would at least endorse the fact that there are many spellbinding, often quiet, pieces of music on the playist, including the likes of Billie Marten, Bon Iver, Arctic Lake, Robyn Sherwell, The Slow Show and London Grammar, all of whom have featured on Breaking More Waves. It’s a soundtrack for staring out the window on a rainy day and letting the world go by. 

If you play the whole list, then right near the bottom you’ll discover something very special. It’s by 19-year-old Rosie Carney, a resident of Ireland who I’ve featured a couple of times on the blog in 2016. The song in question is Better Man. It’s a rare and devastatingly beautiful thing.

Now after a period of quiet Rosie returns with Awake Me and frankly at this rate Spotify might as well just create a list called The Most Beautiful Songs in The World by Rosie Carney.

Considering that Rosie’s life has been far from gentle and calm (click here to read her story of abuse, mental illness, anorexia and being dropped by a major record label at a young age) it seems even the more incredible that her music is so serene, so gracious, so perfectly painted – but then maybe sometimes, music can be an anchor in the sh*t life throws at you. Awake Me is poignant, honest, vulnerable and tenderly moving. In short, it got me.

Hear more of the most beautiful songs in the world on Spotify by clicking here.

Rosie Carney - Awake Me

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